What Is Honor Within Your Meaning?


    What honor means to you? Is that a difficult question to answer? How are you going to write an essay on honor in this case? Of course, if outside assistance is required, you may ask for professional help online. Our writing service is able to help with an essay of any kind just like with any other academic paper you as a student and our dearly beloved potential or regular customer may ask for. 

   To write on something, give a definition first or some vivid examples for your readers to understand what you mean by your essay. Helping others is honorable. This is right and doing a right thing is honorable. Do you consider yourself an honorable person? How often did you act honorably? What exactly did you do? Did you help others? Maybe you have a story, then share it through the essay, your honor essay or someone you know.

   Webster`s dictionary gives its definition of honor too you may use in your essay. It says that honor is “someone with high regard to respect, personal integrity, reputation and privilege”. To add, honor is a person who is a good citizen, a family man, a team player and simply someone who cares for others instead of thinking of himself only.

   There are plenty of examples of honor when it comes to celebrity people such as writers or sportsmen. Many writers were even rewarded with a Noble and Pulitzer`s prize and many sportsmen deserve to be called honored as well due to their merits in the sphere of sport such as Michael Jordan or Emmitt Smith.

   One thing is sure that a good reputation so one was called honored is difficult to gain and keep. It is easy to lose though. Honor is a sense of responsibility and pride in integrity. To succeed, one should have patience. Only patience and strive no matter what will make it to where one will be able to become honorable.