What Everyone Should Know About Human Rights


    Every human being has duties in front of the country s/he was born in let alone human rights guaranteed but this same very country. The human whose rights were violated has a right to say about it and is supposed to say about any violations as long as a person, group of people or organization is to bear criminal responsibility in the face of the law. 

    What does it mean to have a human right? There are political rights such as a right to vote, and civil rights such as a right for demonstration or to publish a book. There are fundamental rights, to begin with though among which are the right to life and personal security.

    If to look back into the history, one may notice that human rights were violated now and then. If to restore in one`s memory the times of wars when human beings` rights were violated the most, it galvanizes. Times differ, people differ but cruelty is something what gets people together let alone a misfortune. To be happy, an individual needs five criteria to be fulfilled in one`s life. Among these criteria are the following: psychological needs, those are food and water; needs of being safe, loved, affected; esteem needs and needs to be self-actualized.

   There are people who stand at the origins of the human rights concept. Unlike mentioned in one of the recent posts John Locke and Thomas Hobbes who emphasized few kinds of human natural rights such as right to life, property, liberty. As for human right violations, those are child labor, sexual harassment, rape, bribe, workplace exploitation, custodial death and such, which have become something common in our life.

   There are special groups, which work for people in order to take care after those who were abused and in order to prevent abuse. These groups are called North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United Nations Organization (UNO), International Human Rights Commission which are the watchdogs of sorts. It is good for such organizations to exist. They help and you may help too by writing an essay on such an organization or how you see human rights and the ways of their protection.