The Holocaust Essay


     Our previous article was written about attending college. Essays are not that easy to accomplish. Essays on such serious and difficult things in the history of a country as the Holocaust are not an exception. If you were assigned to work upon essay about the holocaust, you might need to collect some data upon this topic because there are numbers, which are to be mentioned in order to make the essay complete.

     It is a well-known fact that during the holocaust millions of innocent people were killed. Killed for no reason. Just because of them to be Jews. It is outrageous and scary to imagine something like this now. This is uncivilized and this is what makes it even more frightening to realize that such people were holding the reins of power over the whole country.

     There is a lot of literature written upon this period of history let alone movies shot depicting all the difficulties people went through back in those days. There are people who survived the holocaust and Elie Wiesel is one of them who is also a Noble Prize recipient. Among his writings are the following words: “In those times there was darkness everywhere. In heaven and on earth, all the gates of compassion seemed to have been closed. The killer killed the Jews died and the outside world adopted an attitude either of complicity or of indifference. Only a few had the courage to care”.

     A lot is heard within the lines above. Far from everyone cares especially now when much water has flown under the bridges since the time. Conscience of humanity work miracles and it is up to us only how next generation will perceive the history of their country, of their people and its heritage.

     There are things in our life we should not forget and the holocaust is one of them. Nazi have conducted thousands of cruel experiments upon people as if those were some laboratory guinea-pigs. They were trying to measure the limits of a human body through putting people into chambers with a low pressure inside until the lungs of these people burst like a Chinese cookie. To make prisoners because of whom German pilots drown in the sea suffer, Nazi put them under the water in the special tanks so they were freezing lowering their temperatures of bodies to 26 degrees. In order to improve the collection of skeletons, Nazi stripped the flesh out of Jewish people`s bodies. Then, with the aim of comparison the effective influence of vaccines, inmates were injected with spotted fever, malaria, cholera, smallpox and typhus. The physicians were breaking the prisoners` bones and infected their wounds, were feeding them with the sea water and till they had seizures; they suffered from cardiac arrest; prisoners were operated with no anesthesia. Trying to define mental illnesses` physical causes, bodies were dissected and the brains were taken out and sent to research laboratories. Our writers, just so you knew, if you need any help with accomplishing your paper, are ready to help you with any kind of work.

     Now, to say who was guilty, Hitler, Himmler or German doctors who did all the experiments is a disputable task to do. Nazification was all over the country. It was all over the world. Every field of life was Nazified. Even though a job of a doctor is to preserve one`s life, under the circumstances people lived back in the days, it was fraught with a danger to lose one`s life and those doctors had families too. Among other arguments they had: “involuntary research on prisoners had a long history, prisoners were already sentenced to death, they were only following orders, there were no clear international ethics standards respecting research, the toleration of a lesser evil to tolerate a greater good, those did not participate might have been killed”. Write your point of view on the thing, share what you think with the whole world through your writing and who knows, maybe you will even be published one day! So, if you need a paper, our service is here to assist you!