Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned Essay


     Smoking is one of the problems of humanity. It is a social scourge and there are plenty of discussions, plenty of pros and cons upon whether it should be banned or not. If you are a smoker, than you most likely will be against cigarettes banning. If you stand for a healthy lifestyle and hate smoking people especially right next to you, an essay on smoking is your chance to say it to the whole world.   

     Smoking is considered to be one of the bad habits for a reason. It influences health in a bad way causing problems with health. Our writers are able to write not on positive topics only but also on negatives issues. There are plenty, which is why we offer our help in case you need any. Our previous article was dedicated to importance of education and today, as long as you need a paper on bad impact smoking causes, here you go!

     It is well aware that heavy smokers has their lungs decreased in size, pulse increases while exercising and short breathing appear faster than among non-smokers. Smokers have their metabolism increased, which is why it is harder for them to gain weight and easy to lose it. Up to 70% of people dying of lung cancer are either smokers or those who quit smoking. Short breathing while going up on the fifth floor is no good though.

     It is interesting to know but smokers solve mental assignments 15% faster than non-smokers and die twice less from diabetes. Smoking future mothers give birth to children with lack of weight more often. By contrast, smoking mothers have 50% less cases of dangerous pre-natal eclampsism and slides as much as one third of toxicosis cases. Smokers have pulmonary emphysema twice more often than non-smokers and Alzheimer – three times less just like Parkinson disease.

     Tobacco contains here is alkaloid nicotine. Burning out, tobacco makes it to where some part of nicotine with smoke get into organism through lungs and mucous membrane. After that, nicotine with blood spreads out through the whole organs and begin to enter the cells. It makes it to where heart beats faster, blood vessels narrow down (making them grow at the same time), interacts closely with neurons of brain, stimulates production of ferment responsible for pleasure called dopamine.

     No one rout as of yet but everything seems to go there. 16 years ago, the biggest tobacco companies of the USA admitted their obligation to pay off 46 American states $206 000 000 dollars to cover expenses of smokers health insurance.          

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