Race And Ethnicity Essay


     Our previous article was dedicated to the topic of being proud to belong the American nation. To complete an essay about race, one should know what race means, what races exist and what the difference is between races, nationalities and ethnicities. Thus, if your school or college assignment is to write a race and ethnicity essay, you have a chance to study this question out. The topic is thought provoking for sure.

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     Race discrimination is another vital world`s issue. People suffer from being discriminated all over the world. It is needless to say that working on a race and ethnicity essay will broaden your horizons. You will open a new world to yourself and to those who are going to read your paper.

     Writing an essay, an author expresses his or her viewpoint in the first place. Just like any other essay or another type of work when it comes to academic writing. The author`s opinion might change during writing as well. Are you aware of what race are you a representative of? What about ethnicity and nationality? Hey, do not cheat. Do not look into your passport! Each our writer is skilled and experienced in writing, let alone editing and proofreading. Do not hesitate asking for help if needed.

     Importance of race is undoubtful as long as it is a symbol of a culture`s evolution. Looking through of a history of any country or a whole continent, a mindful and attentive reader will notice the changes within its country, will see what the standard was and how it evolved.

     It is interesting to study out because of every race to have a standard of living of its own in accordance with its culture. Each possesses its package of peculiarities. Differences lie within religion for example, if to take Jewish and Christians citizens as an example.

     If to ask oneself what makes a human whom a human is, the answer would be that ethnicity does. People are raised in a certain way and the way ethnicity affects us is the result of our upbringing. For example, if a child was brought up with an iron fist, this child would know what discipline is and would follow the rules.

     Speaking about nationality, a country one comes from originally speaks for nationality of this person. If there are a few nationalities living within one territory as in the case with Americans and Irish people, sadly but it causes troubles and fights between the nationalities. Just like race and ethnicity, nationality also has much in common with a cultural aspect of life. Moving to some country for good, people bring with them their culture and heritage.

     To sum up, nationality speaks of our birthplace, ethnicity – is who we are after being influenced and our race speaks of our culture`s evolutionary process.