Of Mice and Men Essay


     Of Mice and Men is a story written by John Ernst Steinbeck. For those ones of you, who meets this name for the first time, it is a nice chance to get acquainted with this wonderful writer and author of the story you are to write an essay on.

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     Going back to the of Mice and Men story, it tells about two hard working men living in times of the Great Depression in California and their tragic story. A reader sees a dream, a guilt and a sympathy. The book is based on a personal Steinbeck`s working experience in the area of agricultural economics in 1920`s.

     The story was cinematized twice, in 1939 and 1992.

     Steinbeck was trying to depict an attempt of an individual to achieve one`s dream. A reader`s success of the story exceeded all the expectations. Wreck of the main characters dream of having a little farm of their own recalled in hearts of thousands of people and inspired many critical articles to be written.

     The characters were seeking a job on the farms of rich people dreaming a dream of having a farm of their own. Kind clear thinking George and feeble-minded heavily built Lenny, which are tied with long years of friendship and common dreams of better life. A new shelter changes their lives dramatically though.  

     Steinbeck along with Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Faulkner are one of a kind writer. Those are titans of literature who are to be read no matter what and they will be read in further. You have two options at the moment, to read this wonderful story, which will definitely touch your feelings or to ask for help online and the final result will undoubtedly touch the strings of your heart. It is a story of a true unselfish friendship, welfare and poverty, racism, attitude to subnormal people and, of course, light pipe dream.

    Everyone has a dream. It warms up in times of difficulties, makes it to where a person lives even though it might never come true. The story is straightforward. There are no colors but in black-and-white. It helps to tune into the beat of atmosphere prevailing in America back in 1920`s. the author was extremely precise in description of everything – voices, noises, feelings.  

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