Native American Essay


      Previously, we were talking about most influential person. If you are a Native American, it should be easy for you to write an essay upon this topic. To write a Native American culture essay just like a native any other country culture essay is quite interesting. Every country has a certain percentage of native citizens within its boundaries some of whom are proud of being native representatives of their countries while some would rather move to other countries thinking that life there will be better for them. Essay on Native Americans will open a picture for readers about Americans and their pride to be Americans.

     Through an essay on Native American culture, people get to know all the peculiarities of the culture itself, how it is seen by Americans, how the culture was developing, one may find similarities and differences between American culture and a country a reader comes from originally. To find out something new and to compare is always entertaining. For writing an essay on such a global theme, one should provide with some background information so it was not like out of nowhere but on the ground of something, with introductory paragraph, body paragraph and a conclusion. This is a typical structure of an essay.

     There are a lot of immigrants living in America and they try to keep up with American traditions and try to follow traditions of their own. An attitude of each American to immigrants is different. Many enjoy hiring them for doing various types of work and exploitation of them brings them much of a joy and a feeling of them to be higher, which is bad. A question of racism takes place in American society as well. Even though there are Native Black people, they are treated poorly since slave-owning times. There are many racists among not Americans only but throughout the world as well.

     Among the rest of rights and freedoms, each Native American has a choice to stay with one citizenship or to choose dual citizenship. Far from every country offers such a choice. There are advantages and disadvantages wherever you go. Especially if you are an immigrant or a black person, it might cause you troubles living in the states because there is a high chance of attitude towards you to be rather prejudiced. One way or another, we are architects of ours own fortunes. If you need help, our writers will gladly provide you with some. 

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