John Stuart Mill Essay on Liberty


    In order to avoid otiose lines and for your more complete information, you should be interested to have a look through the encyclopedia of philosophy to find out about who John Stuart was and with the aim to write an essay about him to its fullest. It should be mentioned only that it contains of five chapters. Works of philosophers are one hard to read. One should tune in to the right wave-length in order to perceive the information. Some enjoy reading this kind of literature while for others it is a torture. Once you were assigned to write an essay on John Stuart mill on liberty, you have no other choice but to make an attempt and to surf up.

     A human being is able to hurt not by words or actions only but also with his/her ignorance.

    Service is a vivid example of non-confirmity at the time we live in. Tyranny should be broken. In order to do so, people should be very eccentric. The number of eccentric people is proportional to the number of genius people in this world.

    Far from everybody dares to be eccentric despite of feeling this way inside. Every person is a good guardian of his own health, both physical and spiritual. They are also good at suffering from something they make up. Opinions differ. Everyone has an opinion of hid own. If all the people had one and the same point of view, there would be no justification for the mankind. 

    The one who minds his business only, knows few things only. People should be able not to express their opinions only but also to be able to listen to what others say. The ability to listen is highly important and very valuable.

    It is almost a crime of morality to bring a child into this world without any opportunity to provide this child with food, clothes, education, a proper living overall.

   So called Christian morality has all the features of a reaction. It is a protest against paganism of sorts. Its ideal is rather negative instead of being positive; passive sooner than active; innocence more likely than nobleness; evil`s abstinence instead of Go`s energy.

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