Internet Addiction Essay


     Our previous article was about intercultural communication. Essay about the Internet sounds like the easiest topic to choose from if assigned to write an essay in the college or a high school. It is an era of Internet. Everyone has Internet at home, at work, mobile internet to use wherever one goes. It is difficult to imagine a person with no internet. Internet is used not for entertainment only but for getting information as well, for work, family and such. It is applicable in all the spheres of human`s life. Imagine life without information especially if you already got used to it. Scary, huh?

     Going abroad for vacation, we are surprised how people are addicted to the internet because we see them staring in their cell phones while there is such a beauty in front of their eyes – ocean, sand, sun and palms if that is tropics, for instance. People simply cannot live without information and therefore internet because it has become a part of their lives, an integral part of their lives. Sometimes we all feel like going somewhere where internet is unavailable, to leave everything behind and just relax and enjoy ourselves. Soon enough we realize that we miss something and information is this something. The addicted brain  

     Thus, if you were assigned to write internet essay, you should be breathing with a relief. It is a cup of tea of basically each and every person in this world. Even September people are into computers and social media nowadays because it is time of computers and social media. You may write an internet privacy essay. It is about your privacy rights on using internet, a freedom and right for getting information.

     The choice vary because it may be an internet safety essay. It means you to write about safe using of services online and being sure your personal information is not to be spread out and mentioned and/or used somewhere you would not want it to be mentioned/used. Same thing with internet security essay. Everyone has a right on secure usage of internet. You could notice a message about all the shared personal information to be secured on the sites, which offer services online such as writing/editing/proofreading of academic papers and such. Our writers will happily help you in a moment of need.

     A desire to get new information constantly and instantly is a good thing but there is unlikely something good about addiction. There are many other ways to get information such as going out, see people and communicate. Communication is a strong power. Internet has developed to the level when it is easy to communicate without leaving one`s home. It is convenient when a person is sick for example but in other cases one should realize the importance of fresh air and live conversations.

     Along with the positive information, there is plenty of negative information just as well online, which makes it to where people and young minds especially take in all the negative presented. There is so much cruelty in this world and internet provides with free access to this cruelty through playing video games containing violence, through watching movies with the same violent content, through reading books online and simple looking through pictures of violent content. People and especially teenagers are very perceptive and easy to perceive the negative unfortunately. There are so many cases when this led to suicide among school children, students and adults. Be careful and this is your chance to provide with a notification through your internet addiction essay upon this serious matter. Thus, if you need help, our service is at your service.