Independence Day in India


    August 15 is a date when Indian people celebrate the day of independence in their country. This is the day when they have become an independent nation back in the year 1947. So, in order to remember this day, it has become a holiday to celebrate annually.

    Just like any other independent nation, people cannot help celebrating the day. On this day, they do paying homage to the leaders of their country and all those brave people who were fighting for India to become independent.

    The buildings all over the country get decorated with lights an strings. National flag of India is three-colored, which are green, white and dark orange thus, these colors are dominant when it comes to decoration of the streets for this day. There is always a promotion of the day, which is why special programs are prepared.

    One may also watch a movie on television dedicated to the fight for the freedom of India. There is so called address to the nation delivered by the president of the state just as well. There is a prime minister in India who is responsible for unfurling the national flag and delivering a speech. It all is happening in Old Delhi at the Red Fort. A lot of organizations and schools are involved into the event.

    Needless to say, that it is a day off throughout the country. Local, national and state government offices, banks and post offices are closed. It makes it to where people try to go out, spend time with their families and friends, have a picnic in the park, go out to the movies or a restaurant. Patriotic songs are heard, people sing or simply listen to them, go kite flying and such.

   Local transport works but the traffic might be rather difficult due to the celebration and street demonstrations. Mentioned above kite flying is sort of a national sport activity in India. It is a symbol of India`s free spirit. Old Delhi`s Red Fort is also a symbol of the Indian spirit because this is the exact same place where back in 1947, the prime minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru was the one to unveil the flag in August, 15.