Hip-hop Culture Essay


     Previously, we had high school essay as a topic to discuss. To write an essay on hip-hop culture should be easy as long as the topic is very popular among youth due to their tastes to be mostly around pop culture. Few only prefer gothic, hard rock, heavy metal, blues or jazz. Those are subcultures and its representatives or those who consider themselves such ones could easily do the task and write a subculture essay. Essays on pop culture though are simple as that. You take a vivid representative of pop culture and write on him or her.

     Another name for pop culture is mass culture. Speaking about pop culture, not only music is meant but literature and cinema as well. Musicians, actors, journalists, politicians, sportsmen, artists (Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso), scientists (Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud), religious leaders (the Patriarch of Rome, Dalai Lama), terrorists (Usāmah Bin Lādin, Carlos the Jackal), criminals (Jack the Ripper), literature characters (James Bond, Harry Potter), cartoon characters (Mickey Mouse), revolutionists (Che Guevara, Mao Tse-Tung), writers (Ernest Hemingway), comics characters (Spiderman, Superman), automobiles (Volkswagen Beetle), drinks (Coca-Cola), TV-channels (MTV, CNN), foodstuff (hamburger, sushi), household appliances (cell phone, computer), items of clothing (jeans), animals (panda), plants (hannabis),  cities (Paris), mountains (Everest) and other have become the “stars” of pop culture.

     Those are so called icons and they have a long life going from one generation to another. There are those whom we do not remember the next day, they are short-lived things. Either way, with their help, a new way of communication is created, which lots of people use daily. For instance, some funny phrases said by politicians, advertising clips, television shows or films characters become a part of vivid language and used as proverbs of sorts, which illustrates the way a speaker thinks.

     There are such notions as pop politics and pop diplomacy as well. The connection between the politics and pop icons is especially seen before presidential elections when politicians act in accordance with the laws of show business. Politicians use pop culture in order to reach certain groups of voters. It is especially important while working with youth and minorities. Our writers will be delighted to perform for you their writing steps.

     Mass culture has always played and keep on playing a significant role in the international politics. In times of Cold War, Washington considered pop culture as a tool of influence on moods of other countries` citizens. Mass culture had an impact on Americans themselves. Many countries “bought” loyalty of their neighbors with the help of mass culture. For example, in Byzantine Empire for foreign guests there always were excursions through the Byzantine Palace showing wonders and luxury goods, this is how the representatives of other elite was demonstrated welfare and quality of creasers` life. 

     George Clooney made a paradox statement recently. ABC channel journalist asked him in what way he is going to support Barak Obama with whom they are in friendly relations. Clooney answered that there will be no support and this is how he is going to support just so Americans did not take Obama as the representative of Hollywood. Thus, if you require a paper, our service will happily provide you with one.