Henry David Thoreau Civil Disobedience Essay


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    Henry David Thoreau was an American who has combined many activities within himself such as being a poet, a philosopher, an author, an abolitionist, a tax resistor, a naturalist, a surveyor, a historian and a development critic. As long as he was a good citizen and an author of loads of works, a problem of a civil disobedience was one of those, which put him into worries. He decided on sharing with his thoughts and ideas upon this matter with his fellow citizens and future generations. 
    Government he says is rather inexpedient meaning any government really. It is easy to agree upon this because very often people find the conducted policy to be wrong. People say wise things but government does not hear. They act as if they hear, understand, ready to do as people say but eventually people are unsatisfied. People cry like hungry babies. They strive for better life from year to year but nothing changes. Well, almost nothing. There are some changes and even positive changes especially before president elections but as soon as elections are over, life returns as if nothing happened.
    During elections, power is claimed to be in the hands of people but it is just a maintenance of semblance. There are no good people among politicians. They are good for themselves only and their families the least. They do not really care of people`s welfare but how to get more money and the sooner, the better. To batten is their main goal once they rule a country. Therefore, there is nobody to support, to follow and stand behind. All of them are equally bad and in most cases conduct a wrong policy. 
    Sometimes people rebel and this is when revolutions occur. Unfortunately, every revolution leads to loss of people`s lives, which is no good but this is the truth of life. Unfortunately, sometimes a government does not understand or does not want to understand people`s needs conducting its policy its way and this makes people rebel. 
    That government is best which governs least," Thoreau speaks at the very beginning of his piece of writing upon civil disobedience meaning that that government, which does not intrude into people`s lives is the best. That most likely also mean for him not to make it harder with its policy. An individual`s preeminence is the most important thing and a government should realize it. Will it though and when, God knows only.