Gender Quality Essay


     Our previous article was about gang violence. Women were struggling for equality with men for many years. They wanted to be equal with men both, at home and work. They went through the long way on the way to equality with men. To write a gender equality essay is a chance to speak upon this matter. Gender inequality essays are nice opportunity to express oneself in case you wanted to express oneself for quite some time already but there was no favorable chance to do that. Social inequality essay is your chance. Do not lose it. Speak out and be heard. In contemporary gender differences

     There are many online services, which were developed for giving help to students with their academic paper writing, editing and proofreading. To write a gender equality essay paper will be as easy for them as anything else. Give it a go, try them and you will see how easy that is to get a credible paper. Essay is such type of work, which is very flexible meaning that the variety of topics is impressive. The structure in most cases is up to you as an author. Standard essay consists of introduction, body paragraph and a conclusion. There are also outlines in some cases and the amount of body paragraphs depends upon how many ideas you present in your essay.

     Since our early childhood, we learn and accept those roles our parents and society we live in impose us. We grow older with those imposed ideas and when we do not agree with something, this something grows into a conflict with our families and society. Neither parents, relatives, nor teachers and peers do not understand us and it makes us some sort of outcasts. We face difficulties with making friends, live rather secluded lives, think of suicide or simply suffers from depression.

     The world we live in gives not opportunities only but also acquaint us cruelty of the contemporary world. We face with discrimination especially when it comes to job hunting. Discrimination makes social mobility difficult but makes changes and is beneficial for women. Some men, well most of them, consider women to be not aggressive and not strong enough to face some issues, which cause high pressure coming with certain positions.

     Even though we live in the world of new technologies, loads of opportunities, many ideas and even more yet to come, there is still discrimination in the work place. 40 % of women occupy managing positions in America. There are things women are better at this is why to think that men are better professionally would be wrong. It is individual. Genetic inheritance, socio-demographic elements and many more. Those people who are conservative by nature, follow the idea of women`s place to be at home, on the kitchen. It is a traditional point of view and that is why women are less valued and appreciated in the area of professionalism.  The progress is seen through the years though and we are to expect more positive changes in the area of gender equality. Our writers are here for you! 

     To conclude, there are even proverbs about gender equality among which are the following: “There is a woman behind every successful man”. “It's a sin to believe that women are not comparable with men”. “Taste is gone with the mother; education is gone with the father; everything is gone with the wife”. (Means when they die) “If a secret is told to a woman, it is as well delivered to the whole world”. “It is fateful if a woman laughs; and when a man cries”. “Relatives stay till the house; wife stays till the street; your son stays till the forest; who is lost till the last”? (about relationships)

     "If one gives birth to four female children even a king becomes a deprived person". "If mother-in-law breaks a pot it is a mud pot. If daughter-in-law inadvertently slips it it's a gold pot". “If you want something done ask a busy woman”. Our service is here for you!