Gender Identity Essay


      Some people face with a problem of gender identity at some point of their lives. There are cases with famous people who due to some reasons do not feel confident in the bodies they were born with and chose to change the situation. They changed their names, the way of dressing up, even their genders. One of the most explicit examples is a vocalist of Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows Anna Varney. Born as a boy, Anna did not feel quite well with what the nature chose to give. More than 20 years, Anna lived in a great depression until she decided on changing things.

     History knows many more cases of the kind. Some are less serious when, for example, a girl prefers to play with cars instead of playing with dolls. Do you remember yourself back in the days? Did you prefer playing with a boy`s or a girl`s kind of a toy? Many teenage girls pick to wear jeans and shirts mostly. They unlikely want to change their gender, they wear what they feel comfortable in but something from a male is still there, speak for them. Some women (or men) even look more like men (women). There is a tradition in Japan for a man to hug another man as a greeting while there is nothing of the kind when it comes to women.

     There is plenty of good literature upon this matter. There are both, books and simply articles. «How Boy Become Men» by Jon Katz is one of them. Writing a credible essay means collecting some good proper information and reading as much as you can will make it to where your essay will turn out to be nice and shiny. Plus, you will realize the problem studying it as deeply as possible. Writing develops the way we think, develops critical thinking let alone the ability to analyze. Thus, either you write a gender stereotype essay, a gender role essay, a gender role in society essay or a gender pay gap essay, you will be developing yourself. Of course, you ask a professional to do it for you. Asking our writing service for help will serve you well too as long as writers are highly professional and there is no way you cannot help reading and admiring with the final piece.

     It is a gender identity disorder. Thus, there is a lot to write on. There is a whole concept about a gender identity. Find out more, writing on the topic and best of luck to you on the way to success. You can be successful. There is no imaginary key to open the door of success. Believe in yourself and you will do it!