Gay Rights Essay


   It does not matter whether you are gay or straight by your sexual orientation, you can be assigned to write a gay rights essay as easy as pie. All people were created equal. This is what stated in the declarations and constitutions, the main documents of most countries. It makes it to where no discrimination should be allowed. It is wrong morally to discriminate people by their color of skin, sex, age or sexual orientation. People tend to commit suicides due to lack of understanding from the society they live in. There was a research in Maryland`s university, in accordance with which 14% of lesbians earn less than their straight compatriots being of the same age, with the same luggage of knowledge and experience. 26 % of teenagers who decided on coming out the closet, were asked to leave by their parents. There are even studies proving the fact that people with “wrong” orientation are less likely to get the job.

    The issue is as difficult as a matter of religion. It is difficult to believe in something one has not seen even once per lifetime. People believe in many different creatures and things. They believe there is a God, a white bearded man living in the sky who accepts good people into the heaven once they are dead, sending those who were bad while living to hell where they suffer for eternity for their bad deeds. People believe in Buddha who, some say, had 40 teeth. There is a Sri Dalada Maligawa in Sri Lanka, which is a temple and which is one of the local places of interest. If to go back into those ancient times when Greek and Roman lived having a belief into their numerous gods and goddesses, one might feel oneself dizzy for a moment. There are so many legends connected with this and the fact that those gods and goddesses were associating with common people. It is said in the Bible that gay people will go straight to hell. So, one can see a prejudiced attitude of Christianity to people who are queers. What about the notorious equality between each and every one?

    Love does not know any limits, neither age, nor gender. It is impossible to love and be wise at the same time. There are a lot of proverbs on this topic and they were coined for a reason. There are a few states where same gender marriages are already allowed. There is a minority of them so far but times change. There are cons and pros about marriage between the same gender people just like any other thing in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. Same gender people are unable to have children unless they adopt any, which is also a good thing. One is free to decide for oneself what is better at this point and time if only this something makes a person happy.