Frankenstein Critical Essay


    You will unlikely find a person living in this world who would not heard of Frankenstein. If you belong to those lucky people who were assigned to write an essay on Frankenstein, congratulations. It shall be fun. Frankenstein is quite of a character. It is possible to write both, critical and analytical essay on Frankenstein. Frankenstein theme is very popular nowadays. The character is taken and used in many ways. There should be a Frankenstein essay introduction, body paragraph (-s) and a conclusion.

   To begin with, you as an author should refer to the author who created the character. It was a woman whose name was Mary Shelly. This writer is considered to be one of the most famous writers writing Gothic literature.There is a total subculture of people called Goths, wearing silver and black, listening to gothic bands, reading gothic novels, admiring gothic architecture and everything what concerns gothic style to any extent.

   Even though Frankenstein does not wear silver and black, his character is rather gloomy and sad. He is terrifying and this is what makes him a gothic persona. Gothic scares people off normally. This is due to the dark romance covering the characters of gothic novels and movies. Frankenstein is a monster and people are afraid of monsters.

  Speaking of movies, there are many versions of movies with Frankenstein. They are quite diverse because of the similarities and some differences between them. For example, there is a very popular TV-series called The Munsters. It is about a Munsters` family, a father, a mother, their son, grandfather living with them in a big, old, dusty house and there is a niece who is normal human being unlike the rest who are monsters. The grandfather, Mrs. Munster`s father is a Dracula. Mr. Munster looks very much alike Frankenstein.

    Another version is another TV-series called The Addams. It is also about a family each member of which is a monster. If you look closely at the butler of the family, you will clearly see the similarities between him and Frankenstein. Thus, as you can see, the character is very popular. It should be no problem to write an essay about this “celebrity”. In case of anything, you may always ask for assistance provided by a team of professional writers, editors and proofreaders.