Forgiveness Essay


     In our previous article, we were talking about death of a salesman essay. To be able to forgive is a distinguishing feature. Far from everybody is able to forgive. How about writing an essay on forgiveness? If you were the lucky one to accomplish this task for your college, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Forgive and forget essay does not only sound nice but also is a nice topic to write on. Is there anyone to forgive in your life? Maybe you are the one to forgive for somebody. See, this is quite interesting. Once you start writing, you realize how much you have to say but kept inside for some reason.

     We make walls throughout our lives, burn down the bridges, and become unsociable because of being hurt, offended, and betrayed.Jesus Christ said: “forgive not seven times, but seventy-times seven”. It is unnecessary to follow the Bible and its ten commandments. By forgiving though to replace all the negativity out of our minds. Leaving the negative thoughts behind, we clear ourselves up, our minds and souls. This is reasonable enough to start thinking positive, forgiving and forgetting.

     It is impossible to move forward if to hold on the past. One should let it go and only then it will be possible to move further and enjoy life instead of living in the past, keeping the images of the past inside and making obstacles for new things to happen and new people to come into one`s life. Negativity is a dust. Forgiveness is a vacuum-cleaner. Use it to absorb all the negative and move on with your life. Would you want to be forgiven? Your answer is most likely positive. Same with people who seek for your forgiveness. That is if they care, of course. For those who cares it matters.

     How to forgive you might ask once you have decided to do so. Every person forgives in a different way. People are different and their methods are different too. You may write your forgiveness essay and describe your method of forgiveness or the way someone you know granted forgiveness. It is very important to realize that you are not to be blamed or to blame yourself if by any chance you decide on not granting your forgiveness. It is a massive effort of will. This decision should be deliberate, well-balanced and committed. Our writers will be happy to help you in case of any help required. 

     It is clear that the whole thing will still leave a terrible taste in your mouth. It is up to you whether to forgive and forget or not but no matter what decision you make, it will be right for you at this point and time. If there is a reason to forgive, there should be no problem with forgiving. If you rack your brains asking yourself why on earth you need to forgive, then it is unlikely to be worth of doing. Some people tend to think that it is just some deeds, which are to be forgiven while others are impossible to forgive. There is also a saying that many words hurt more than swords. Apply for help online and our service will make your writing, editing, proofreading dreams come true. 

     One thing is certain that forgiving, one obtains a sense of freedom. It makes it to where we suffer less and feel less pain and misery, disappointment and mistrust. Forgiveness leads to healthy relationships because it is unhealthy to walk around keeping the negativity inside. There is always a choice. Life is full of choices.