Essay On Citizenship


     Our previous article was about foreign culture. Good citizenship essay may mean an essay on citizenship written well or an essay on a good citizenship. As you can see, there can be two variations the least. It might also be a global citizenship essay in which the matter of citizenship is depicted from the perspective of global view. Either way, the topic seems to be simple and complicated at the same time.

     What does mean to be a good citizenship anyway? It most likely mean not to break the laws, live in harmony and love to one`s country and its other citizens showing respect for everyone. A good citizen might not know the constitution of the country s/he lives in but to behave and no one dares to argue that a good citizenship is nothing but a blessing for her/his family and society. 

     To be aware of what is going on in your country means to be a good citizen too. It is up to a person whether to watch the news or to read newspapers in order to find out how things are at the time in the country and outside its national territory but it will speak out of a person and his or her high level of patriotism and awareness.

     Donation is also a demonstration of being a good citizenship. Just like supporting the troops of one`s country in case there is a war or a military conflict. It is always better to live in peace so there are no wars but politics is a dirty deed and they go for dirty games. Where civilians see the negotiable solution of the conflict, the politicians stand for fight.

     Providing with help to mentally challenged also counts. A baby-sitting, any voluntary work really helps to make a good citizen out of a person. Have you ever helped an old lady to cross the street? If you have, it means you to already be a good citizen. It is not late to do so if you have not done it as of yet. It does not mean that you have to go out straight away desperately seeking for September people in order to help them with crossing the street but just so you knew, in case it happens to you, - you will be aware of it being a demonstration of good citizenship. Our writers will be glad to assist you with your academic writing. 

     “Excuse me sir, do you have some spare change?” Does it sound familiar to you? You most likely have been asked this question and not even once in your entire life. The thing is that if you did have some spare change and you provided with it a homeless person, it automatically makes you a good citizen just as well. It is the same kettle of fish as it was with helping old people to cross a street.

     There is one conclusion to make. It is up to a person whether to follow the “rules” of a good citizen but if you decide to take the bright side and be one, it is good for you and for your country. You make the world better being even though a small but significant piece of the universe. Our service was developed to help you.