Essay on Christian Worldview Based on Andrew Schatkin


    Everyone has a personal worldview. Even those ones who claim them to be ignorant having a don`t-care attitude through life. There are many worldview essays available on the net. In addition, everyone is more or less a religious person. A Christian might come up with a Christian worldview essay. Catholic – with a catholic worldview story. 
    There are atheists but there is an opinion that those are just people who are afraid of everything in this world. There is a lot of things to be afraid of but to lock oneself within one`s apartment is not a way out. It will be a hikikomori type of person then. Even people who say they are atheists, who do not believe in God, still believe in something. They may believe in themselves in the first place because if they will not do something, nothing will happen. Others prefer to pray, talk, ask God to let something happen and they believe in God to help them. 
    Christian worldview has in its basis the Bible`s principles of living. One should follow Ten Commandments day by day and no step aside or it will be a sin. A true Christian does not see life without Jesus Christ. A true Christian believes that humanity should be thankful to Jesus Christ for what we have in life. When in trouble, Jesus Christ is the one to have faith for in a moment of sadness or grief. They believe him to make their lives easier, better. 
    Andrew Schatkin is the author of a book in which essays on Christian worldview are collected. One will find thoughts on this topic including morality of traditional family. He stands against abortions saying that God gives life and God only has a right to take it away. God makes everyone equal despite race, sex, age, social class, religion and wealth. There are no richer, smarter or else for him. God is love. The book contains a list of essays on the theme of God and attitude of people to others basing on their love to God and belief in almighty God and for everything we have done, we shall be punished when Judgment Day comes. 
    It is important to live thinking positively, to help others when help is needed, to love fellow-beings and treat others the way one wants to be treated himself/herself. It is simple and everyone could follow such rules in order to obtain harmony and peace from the inside and spread it all over.