Essay About Islam


     Previously, we were talking about writing an essay on homework. It is always difficult when it comes to religion. Religion and politics are those two things, which are not spoken about. Well, one can talk about it but it is just something, which is not accepted to talk about while communication. Unless those are really close people, friends then they can talk about both, religion and politics expressing their points of view on a free basis.

     If you need to write upon differences between two religions, it is even simpler. You take two religions you are to compare and write on the differences between them. For instance, your topic is to write on Christianity and Islam. Conduct a research through browsing the Internet first. You may write on Islamic banking essay, women in Islam essay, terrorism and Islam essay. 

     Islam and Christianity are two of the most significant world`s religions. A lot is based on submission in Islam. One may see it through their attitude to women, through their devotion to the country and their God. Christians though are called so because of their savior, Jesus Christ. So, they are his followers. Both of the two religions are considered to be monotheistic. Both have a holy text, which is a Bible for Christians and Qoran for Islam. There is also a Hadith.

     If to study these two religions, you will soon realize that it is easier to follow Christianity. It is softer in its restrictions and rules. It has its ten commandments but the attitude to women is more human. Women can wear whatever they want, which they do successfully. They should not cover their faces and bodies with long black clothes. They have the same right to drive a car as men. In one word, they are equal. Islamic people live rather secluded way of life unlike Christians who wonder around asking people about God and trying to convert them into the religion.

     Christianity is based on birth of Jesus Christ, his crucification, then death and, of course, resurrection. He is a messiah. Muslims think though that Jesus just like Abraham was created but not born by Virgin Mary. It is even impossible from medical perspective. This is why it is called a miracle though. Our writers are experts in the area of academic writing let alone proofreading and editing services. 

     To compare two religions is easy when those are this opposite religions. While writing, you open the new world to yourself. This is new knowledge and new opportunities. You may open up new abilities within yourself such as writing skills and to make other people see what you see if you write well. Maybe you are a happy owner of good persuasive skills. Then you will succeed undoubtedly with writing a persuasive essay.

     To conclude with, it has to be mentioned that Christianity and Islam are two of the world`s major religions. It is undoubtful fact. There are millions of people who follow either Christianity or Islam and it speaks a lot on its own. Both holy texts, Qoran and Bible are supreme books of the religions based on love and respect to God, inspired by him all the way around. Our service will be happy to assist you in writing, ediitng and proofreading if required.