Essay About Earthquake


     Previously, we have talked upon community service. Earthquake essay, essay on earthquakes, essay about earthquakes, Haiti earthquake essay, essay on earthquake in Pakistan are the way to call an essay if earthquakes is the topic of your paper. Natural disasters is a common thing nowadays and they are more inhere for some locations. For example, there are earthquakes in Haiti islands, Pakistan mentioned above and every earthquake has its reasons, occurrence and the severity`s measuring.

     There is a scale in accordance with which every earthquake is measured. It is called Mercalli Scale. It has 12 classes. Due to this scale, effects caused by an earthquake are measured. An earthquake, which is rather small, up to 4 is measured on the Richter Scale. You will get to know the level of damage caused by an earthquake. There is also a tool by means of which seismic waves are recorded. It is called Seismograph.

     The way an earthquake begins is tremoring, some minor tremors. There are cyclones, which are predictable. Earthquakes are not that predictable. Tremors are caused by tectonic plates` collision. There are earthquakes in India as well. The exact locations are the subterranean areas of the Himalayas. Mumbai and Delhi are situated in risky zones.

     Once you are to write on earthquakes, provide with security measures how to save oneself and your family when an earthquake is happening. For instance, it will be helpful to ducking under a table or a desk. Do not hold on the walls, windows, stay away from objects, such as ceiling fans. Every house, a work space or an education institution should have a first aid kit in case of not earthquakes only but other natural disasters just as well. No one knows what might happen and it is better to be ready for everything. If you decide on some help, our writers would love to do that for you. 

     It is rather sad that there are natural disasters because nature is so beautiful. Damage natural disasters cause is sometimes inevitable, people lose what they have, things and members of their families and the best doctor ever might be unable to bring a deceased during a natural disaster back to life. Nature makes our life pleasing to the eye. It feels so good to enjoy a nice walk on Sunday morning or Saturday night when there are stars in the sky shining like diamonds.

     Just so you knew, our writing service is ready to help with any kind of writing. It is very popular among people living in the states to build shelters. Some build them on the ground floors of their houses. They bring up canned food in there so there was something to eat in case of a natural disaster to last for days or more. In ancient times, people thought an earthquake to be Mother Earth`s being angry. Greek philosopher Aristotle was the one who convinced people otherwise. He said about earthquakes to be caused by physical forces.