Essay About Barack Obama


     We have come across the topic of writing a prize-winning essay before. Today, we are to have another conversation. It is going to be about the current president of the United States of America. Whom do you think we are talking about? Come on, take a guess! Show us you are aware of this because there are people who might not know and/or see obvious things. 

     If you are to write about Barack Obama, you should know more that just the fact him to be the current president of America. You should read upon facts of his biography to provide with full and credible paper. It is easy to do. The same cannot be said for the way you write it down. It is an art to be able to express oneself in the way so it was read-able and enjoyable to read.

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     The way of Barack Obama`s becoming a president is the most amazing in the history of American politics. One of the factors, which helped Barack Obama to draw attention to his persona, was his taking part in the studio discussion dedicated to the tragedy of Katrina hurricane. It became clear back then that unlike all the other young politicians, he had something to say. Before everything else, it concerned reforms, necessary for infrastructure of America and new political course connected, for example, with troop pullout Iraq. There are basically no weak spots in his biography so in his way of life. Candidate for presidency may smoke a cigarette after a delicious meal, like Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder and appear to be exemplary Christian. This is despite the fact that 13 % of Americans believe him to be a Muslim. “Theodore Roosevelt has always been my hero, said the candidate for presidency. Probably he like no one else understood that such a beautiful country as America requires a special care. In my case, this feeling is developed especially strong because I have grown up in Hawaii and this place is hard to call the most comfortable place on Earth. This is the place one realizes how fragile and vulnerable everything else is around. Looking at coral reefs, strange at first sight but very true thoughts come into a head: a slight warming on a global scale may make these reefs inaccessible for our children. It is nothing to be surprised at. Just like any other normal person I love my wife Michelle, our daughters, we have just purchased Ford Escape, a few lightbulbs are required to be changed and to get up and running a natural ventilation in our house. General, many important things are ahead of us, which are to show who we are for real”.           

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