Eating Disorder Essay


     Previously, we were talking about eagle scout. Eating disorder is one of the problems in contemporary world. In order to write an essay on an eating disorder, one should take into account the background of the problem and reasons why it has occurred. In an effort to get onto the root of the problem, a student writing an eating disorder essay take into account the fact what are the standards of beauty nowadays because that is what lies at the bottom of it all. It is not just taken out of nowhere. 

     The “target audience” of the problem is young girls mostly. Their sensitive souls respond in a blink of an eye to everything what concerns their outward appearance. If a girl once being told that she is fat, even though she does not suffer from obesity, she will consider herself fat till the rest of her life. Most people are worrisome and this girl will keep to diets squandering health.

     It is in a human nature to follow what we see, people we are fond of, trends in fashion, watch smashing hits and read bestsellers. We strive for what is famous at the time and try to keep up with it to be in fashion, in the swim, to be on trend. There is nothing bad about it unless there is no harm. Health is what matters in the first place and once your health suffers from what is trendy, you should stop hurting yourself.

     Young girls do not understand it. All the can think about is that they are fat and they want and need to lose weight. There is another problem, which lays in the wish to lose weight the sooner the better.  It is even more harmful for an organism in general and a young organism in particular because it is a shock for an organism. Rapid changes in the eating habits may cause allergic reactions after all.

     Instead of starving, females should better think of getting their self-esteem higher. This is a problem of the self-esteem in the first place. Girls do not find themselves attractive enough and a bad word once being told to their address can simply ruin everything. If to medispeak, there are binge eating, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa among eating disorders.

      One may consider oneself fat without others to tell. Those are people obsessed with each and every pound they gain. They might avoid wearing some colors because on their opinion, those colors make them look heavier. They say white color adds some extra pounds while black color plasters over the cracks. Also, there is little trick, which can actually be useful – not to wear horizontal stripes on top or horizontally striped dress because visually it makes a figure wider therefore, makes look fatter. If you like stripes, wear vertically striped outfit. There are many other little tricks for you to know thus, do not be in a hurry to destroy your health. Choose outfits wisely. You should fit in a garment and once you do, you are in fashion. In addition, some physical activity has never done any harm unless it is expertly. Too much of exercising can cause health problems as well. For example, girls might face with menstruation dysfunction. If you need a paper on this topic or any other topic really, ask our writers for assistance. . 

     People say that it is not important what a person looks like unless the clothes is of the right size and clean. Our inner world matters more and once you realize it, you will not have problems with your body. You will have harmony with yourself. Our service welcomes you on its land of professionalism, a star quality and low pricing!