Do You Think Cannabis Should Be Legalized?


    First thing, people normally draw in their imagination when it comes to cannabis or marijuana is that we are talking about drugs right now. Very few people know that it can also be used as a medicine. Going from where, there is a question whether marijuana should be legalized or not. Opinions differ. What is your opinion on this matter? If cannabis legalization is the topic of your college essay, you have a chance to express yourself on paper. 

    Those who tried cannabis or heard about its effect say that calming down and making feel good is what marijuana actually does. It does sound like a drug. It is considered to be a drug but if to use it with a medical purpose, it may be very helpful. People think it is less harmful than other drugs but they are mistaken and legalization of cannabis will make it to where more and more people will get to smoke it doing harm to their health.

    There is such an opinion that marijuana might help to fight with depression. Depressed people will calm down using it. The thing is that marijuana makes things even worse. Among the consequences are the following: esophagus, lung infections, cancer of lungs, throat, mouth, respiratory illness. How do you like the package? It is far from something desirable, is not it?

    It will definitely have a rather negative effect on your family, it will increase the usage of drugs, it will effect teen`s lives and their learning abilities, it will make a depressed person more depressed and high his/her risk to get cancer. Parents, who take marijuana, very often neglect their children because of the drugs. Marijuana is addictive in whatever light to view it. Usage of cannabis blocks the logical thinking process of its users.

   Starting with marijuana leads to heavier drugs like cocaine, heroin and crack. Marijuana is the first step on the path of becoming a drug addict. It is medically proven that marijuana helps to fight with cancer and glaucoma. Drug users in general and cannabis users in particular are more likely to be involved into other types of crimes, which makes it to where to use cannabis is not that innocent as it might seem to be at a glance.