Descriptive Essay On A Person


     in our previous blogposts, we have discussed a descriptive type of an essay. Descriptive essays is fun to write. Why? Because we do it every day. We talk about others giving them descriptions towards the way they look and/or act. To write a descriptive essay on a person is the same with one difference only that you do the talking in a written form. Of course, it requires a certain turns of phrases but there may and should be sense of humor thus, do not keep your emotions in check but keep your temper at the same time. Obscene words are not allowed. It sounds appropriate sometimes only. If you remember Catcher in the Rye by J. Salinger where he put “sonuvabitch” more than once… Still, to use non-normative lexicon is unlikely allowed by professors at colleges today and ever before and it does not sound very nice when it comes to an essay as long as an essay is considered to be a decent piece of writing and it should look and sound decent. 

     So, if to write a descriptive essay on a person was your assignment, do not lose your heart and keep your head up. You can do it and our writing service will help you if you ask for any help. Our team of writers, editors and proofreaders are highly professional. They have a huge experience in writing through years of working in this area and they can give you some good pieces of an advice. Have you already picked a person you want to write a descriptive essay? This does not necessarily mean that you need to write upon somebody you know even though it is a description essay and to write a description upon somebody means one should know this somebody. It may also be a literary character. Is there a book you enjoyed reading? Is there a literary character you would want to write on? Go ahead and take a chance to do it. It may be that there is a literary character you identify yourself with so why not to write about this character? No one will judge you and you do not need to rack your brains trying to figure out whom to write on.

     Personal essays are referred to sketches at times. Once you are not much of a reader, you panic when it comes to writing because good writing is based not reading a lot but it is a stereotype. Some may have a vivid mind and excellent imagination and make up things since the early childhood. You could have friends like that, someone who were coming up with stories how they met speaking mice on the way to your home or else. You thought it to be crazy back then but look at it from different perspective now. Such imagination may serve well to this person in his or her college years and writing essays may be simple as that now. Describing, make sure you focus on appearance or personality traits more. Structure your essay so it was not looking like a total mess and then again, if you are not sure you can make it right, we are here to help you out.