Day Of The Dead Essay


     If you need an essay on David Sedaris, you may look an alternative through going back to the previous article. Day of the dead is not a name of the song only but also a holiday in Spain. It is celebrated very vividly and brightly, in the manner of the country. The country itself is all about passion, passion is its middle name and the way it celebrates holidays even the most specific ones like day of the dead are always carnival like with songs and dancing and colorful outfits. 

     Day of the dead or Dia de Los Muertos in Spanish is a day when people remember their dead relatives, beloved people and friends. This holiday was developed through years and have become the day of restoring in memories of people the fact that there is death in life. It was celebrated in the end of July originally but eventually it was moved by a Spanish priest to go along with Christian holiday in Spain called All Hollows Eve.

     Mexicans celebrate it on 1st, 2nd of November now. Day of the dead is the time when Spanish people go to the cemeteries to pay a visit their passed away family members. They decorate nicely the gravesites with flowers of different colors (marigolds and chrysanthemums usually). They have meal on the cemeteries while visiting. They talk about people whom they visit while eating.

     This might seem to be rather weird but day of the dead is not a day of sadness but a day of happiness. It is a feast and another reason to remember of people who are no longer alive but still are loved, cared and remembered. There is also a tradition to bake bread (there is a special bread baked, which is called "pan de muerto”, it is round, plain and sweet, sprinkled with icing and there is a crisscrossed bone on the top of it, then buns and cookies of sugar in the form of the skulls. It looks like Halloween a bit in that masks and puppets of skeleton to be very much of a popular thing on the day.

      There is a belief that passed away will return, there are also candles needed to illuminate their way back home, and this is what presents, flowers and feasting are for. It is rather nice to observe because there is no feeling of a grief really but it feels as if it is another holiday. There is this cool spirit of a holiday and everyone is happy smiling instead of crying and weeping for dearly beloved passed away. Our writers are wonderful due to their professionalism. 

     This day is becoming popular in United States and Asia just as well. The higher percentage of Mexican population lives in the place, the most likely it is to celebrate the day of the dead. Everything might look a bit morbid but it looks funky instead. There are altars also with pictures of deceased meaning a great significance of a passed away person. Apart from that there is a strange tradition to put a mirror, a bar of soap and a towel for the deceased so they could wash themselves before having a meal. Sometimes, there is also a chair for a deceased person to take a seat and a have rest. 

     Our service is wonderful due to its team of writers. Traditions differ. Each country has a set of traditions of its own. Some are funny, some are strange but every tradition has a story, a history, and some background. Every country is extraordinary in its own way and worth of being depicted in an essay.