Cultural Shock Essay


     One may find writing culture essays  more fascinating than, let us say, essays on money policy or economy due to their simplicity and vividness at the same time. Culture has nothing to do with negative, arguments, conflicts, wars, though some think differ. A conflict may be based on cultural differences. Even within one country, there are often different traditions on the west of a country comparing to its eastern part. 

     What is culture shock? When a person visits another country, s/he sees the cultural differences between this country and his native land and realizes all the advantages and/or disadvantages. Have you traveled abroad? If your answer is yes, you will most likely be able to answer the question upon the similarities and differences. You may clearly say what you enjoy and what you dislike about the place your have visited. There may be something what caused some bad feelings within you, your nature may kick over the traces seeing something and this is what is called culture shock.

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