Are You Working on Academic Dishonesty Essay?


     It is out of fashion to come out right nowadays. However, not an order lies in the core of the word but inner sustaining power of a person to stay whatever one is under any circumstances. It is a self-awareness, which does not let to act dishonestly and it does not matter that someone may judge and someone may speak words of praise, - there is no in between.

     Honesty is a quality, which is compiled from an early age. A child learns to understand observing parents and learns to determine what is good and what is bad, truth and lie, devotion and betrayal. Which is why it is difficult to reckon upon re-eduction of an adult personality. 

      It is impossible to teach a person to be honest. Internal system of values determines honesty and attitude to others. Are there any honest people? Many terms become old-fashioned these days or are replaced with other meanings. Unfortunately, for many people, laws of honor times remained in the historical novels only. Laws of money replaced human values and there is one goal to rise above others whatever it takes.

     It does not matter whether sense of decency shows itself in details or in some pumpkins. The main thing for the sense of self-worth to remain within without matching, without sticking in to somebody, without seeking for the road less travelled.  

     If you do not know how to act, act in a human way.

     Probably many people heard this phrase but not all of them understand its meaning. One should act in human way in order not to seem to be better or to prove something but because of one should have courage to be accountable for one`s actions and for one`s choice.

     It is not always beneficial to stay an honest person in our world though no excuses are to be found against oneself and one`s conscience.

     To be dishonest though means an ability of a person to lie, to steal, to keep as a secret, to show the white feather, to betray etc. This is why it is dishonesty because it means an action, which breaks the rules, the norms society lives in accordance with. Distrust and alienation appear towards such people. Their unreliability, ability to step aside any minute pushes away, calling out a dispraise. We can see childish flattery, accusations, cowardice, lie in school, which surely are supposed to be re-educated.

     Thus, as you can see, there is plenty to write on when it comes to dishonesty just like about honesty. There are honest and, unfortunately, dishonest people and one should be very careful dealing with people especially seeing someone for the first time. Writing an essay on dishonesty should make your readers see what a bad quality it is and that it is rather inappropriate. We live in a society every member of which is supposed to help another. We cannot live without others and it is highly important to remain human beings.