An Essay on Development of Christian Doctrine


    A Christian doctrine to begin with is a study based on word of God. There are rules to follow if a doctrine is Christian. Christian equals God thus, if you follow doctrine of Christianity, you follow the Ten Commandments and everything God propagandizes in the Bible. Doctrine of Christianity evolves five essential points, which are deity of Christ, salvation by grace, resurrection of Christ, gospel and monotheism. To follow Christian doctrine means to live in the utility within the body of Jesus Christ. 
    It is important to know the history of Christianity before saying anything about the doctrine. Neither doctrine, nor Christian church cannot be understood without knowing the history. Needless to say, that things are this way with everything really. History provides the basis of everything. Knowing no history gets it to where one is unable to understand what goes after. To cut it short, Christian doctrine is a study about God and rules he suggests following during lifetime. 
    God teaches some sort of a discipline but it is not about worshiping. This is how some people tend to interpret what is said in the Bible. God says that one should not make for oneself an idol out of some other creature, person or whatever that is. It should be love, wise, pure love and nothing else. Worshiping is something devil would want and devil is the opposite side of God. Devil would want to be God to have as many followers as God has but bright side has been always the winning and devil has always been left back at the bottom of the ladder.