Alain De Botton Essays in Love


     So much was said about love by now that it seems to be rather difficult to say something new. Besides, love is an overwhelming feeling and there are no such words in this world, which would be able to express what one feels. Are words even required? Once you feel it, it is beautiful.

      There are plenty of writers though who were able to wrap it into words. Love. In its many incarnations. People are so different and the way they love is different but similar at the same time.

      Alain de Bottom is another writer who took the responsibility to write upon this beautiful feeling, which on the other hand makes people do bad things for the sake of it.

      Essays on love by Alain de Botton is a psychologically-philosophical piece on love and relations. It is written in theses-stories but a told story is not interrupted at the same time. It is a book for thinking, intellectual reading for esthetes. It might call for some strong emotional impressions or leave ignorant.   

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      The author was 23 years old when he wrote the book. It was his first novel and it conquered hearts of critics, romantics and esthetes across the all Atlantics right away. It is a picture of modern relations between two young people. First person narration reminds by its form if not a popular tractate illustrated with schemes, diagrams and pictures, then a psychologist`s column in a fashion magazine. Witty and astute observations, original comparisons and flexibility of described situations are only some of amazing discoveries promised to a reader by the book. The book was sold out a run of two million.

      Alain de Botton also works closely with mass media, lecture all around the world, runs a producing company of his own making television program production, based on his works. The Art of Travel and The Consolidations of philosophy are among his popular works.

      The secret of Botton`s literature attraction is quite simple. The writer managed to invent an original genre. It makes one say that it is amazing and that it is surprisingly that no one else has never thought of it before. The effect of absolute freshness, necessary and long-awaited event is achieved through reanimation of forgotten method: synthesis of sentimental ladies reading and moral philosophy inspired by Michel de Montaigne.         

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