Advertisement Analysis Essay


      Any literary writing needs an analysis at some point. 

    Advertisement. What do we normally feel hearing this word? Irritability mostly. Few people only might like it finding it rather useful. In most cases though, it is something we want to end as soon as possible. 

     Analysis. The attitude of people to this kind of activity is similar to what they feel towards advertisement. The thing is that to do an analysis of something makes it to where people feel stuck; they panic because it seems to be rather complicated. To analyze truly requires a thoughtful approach to the theme of a discussion. Our service will gladly help you on the way of getting the best analysis paper ever! 

     Advertising essay sounds like something you would never thought you might be assigned to work upon? Congratulations and welcome to the world of challenges. There is always something a person do for the first time in life and this something makes us stronger.

     Rhetorical analysis essay advertisement or sex in advertising essay sounds even more challengeable. In your essay, you might write upon efficiency of an advertising campaign. Define criteria in accordance with which you are going to estimate and follow the efficiency of the advertisement. Those may be sales growth, top-line growth, increase in working capital, number of incoming phone calls and reaching out, product expertise growth, image of product improvement, etc.

     There are five basic rules to estimate an advertising campaign: advertising economic efficiency rule, accuracy and measurement sequence rule, translation rule, “the worst – the best” rule, honest analysis rule.

     It is needless to say that any expenses should be paid off, profit to be kept or sales growth. Those advertising campaigns, which eventually bring negative financial result, are non-effective. Every time, first thing you should do is to calculate a pure financial result.

     Spending money, any company would want to estimate the cost efficiency. There are many methods and criteria of estimation let alone answers to the question how effective my product advertisement is. This article is about a classic approach to calculation and analysis of effectiveness of any product advertising, how to make a correct analysis of a company management and to increase the effectiveness of advertising costs.

     If you want to launch your advertisement on several avenues of promotions, be sure you can estimate efficiency of each avenue in particular. If you have no such an opportunity, it is better to work with every avenue of promotion gradually. Otherwise, you will be unable to define which of each avenue of promotion influenced the sales growth to the biggest extent.

     Always pay attention to the advertisement translation index in real sales. Translation index speaks of advertising medium quality and quality of commercial message. There are two translations indexes the least: advertisement translation into phone calls and translation of calls into sales. The higher the percentage of translation, the more effective the medium is.

     Conduct a detailed estimation of effectiveness of advertising campaigns: analyze the worst and the best results, try to understand the reasons of high and low responses so you could choose the avenue of promotion with high response only in the future and to increase general effectiveness of advertisement.

     Do not try to embellish the results for a company management. Effective advertising campaign is not only a result of your professionalism but also a result of your market understanding and its audience. It does not always happen to find a right approach to the product promotion. It is important to admit a failure fast and to suggest the ways out to solve a problem, re-consider the marketing plans on time and to correct the advertising budgets. The more honest you will be with yourself, the less damage non-effective acts bring and will be faster at spending budget on sales growth. 

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