Adolf Hitler Essay


      Adolf Hitler is one of the cruelest people who has ever lived on the planet Earth and today, you are to write upon this person and his cruelty. Of course, to say that he was just a cruel political leader is not all he was. There were times when he was painting and he painted really good even though he did not manage to enter a painting school for some reason. 

     There are people for whom he has become some sort of an idol not only back in the days he lived but also nowadays. It is hard to object the fact that he possessed some charisma, which made people follow him, there was some strength in him despite being rather short at height and women fell for him.

     Defense industry Hitler helped to create took Germany out of a deep economic crisis the country turned out to be after the First World War. At the same time, Hitler started the Second World`s War and failed.

     He was loved much by his mother and grew up under his strict father`s control at the same time who wanted little Adolf to become a soldier. After his father`s death, his mother was making attempts to continue with that strict sort of bringing up but these attempts failed.

     He was trying to enter a school twice and after the second unlucky attempt, he began drinking heavily at the age of 16. He has been very unsuccessful when it came to studies plus his trying to enter an academy of arts. He was able to make his father`s dream of sorts come true.

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